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Fire Safety

Common Jobsite Dangers and How to Avoid Them

construction worker

Construction jobsites are full of potential dangers, and mitigating the potential for risk can save lives. At The Safety Group, we are professionals when it comes to protecting construction site safety. We provide training, certifications, and construction site safety management in New York and Philadelphia. Here are common jobsite dangers and steps to take in…

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Making it Safe for Santa – Fireplace Safety Tips

Wintertime can be dangerous when it comes to home fire risks, but our construction safety company understands how to prevent these dangers. Our experts at The Safety Group share fireplace safety tips for winter to ensure that you’re preventing possible fire dangers this holiday season. Before you heat up your home for winter, follow these…

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Home Heating Safety Tips

A fireplace with fire. Fireplaces are used for home heating.

Winter is almost here, and with it comes plenty of cold weather. Your home’s heater will be crucial for keeping you and your family warm through the holidays and beyond. At The Safety Group, we know that safety is important in everything, including using your heating at home. While we mainly specialize in construction safety…

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What to Include in a Fire Safety Plan

Exit sign, exit signs are an important part of fire safety plans.

No matter the time of year, a fire safety plan is crucial for your business and even your home. For businesses and construction sites, there are specific OSHA fire safety standards that must be met. At The Safety Group, we provide safety consulting services to help ensure adherence to OSHA and local regulations. Here are…

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How to Improve Construction Risk Mitigation in New York

New York Buildings have specific requirements in terms of safety risk mitigation during nyc construction projects

The City has its own requirements for construction risk mitigation in New York, including components such as training, certification, and inspection protocol. These requirements are designed to reduce site injuries, lower costs, and improve the quality of a site. At The Safety Group, we offer safety management services in New York to help bring ease…

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Developing an Emergency Action Plan

Firetruck. emergency action plan

Organizations like OSHA and FDNY have requirements for emergency action plans that are required not only on construction sites, but at any business. Our team at The Safety Group can assist with development of construction site safety plans, and safety plans for completed projects. Generally, site safety management services in New York are left to…

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What Makes a Good Emergency Safety Plan?

Team formulates a safety plan. The Safety Group can help with the development of safety plans.

The development of an emergency safety plan is a vital aspect of full safety planning. At The Safety Group, we offer safety management services in New York to assist with the planning and implementation of emergency response procedures. Whether you are seeking plans for your construction site or completed project, it is crucial to implement…

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What to Include in Fire Safety Plans in Philadelphia

Fire safety plans. Contact The Safety Group today.

The city of Philadelphia has specific requirements in terms of its fire code and fire safety plans. A fire safety plan should be implemented at every construction site to ensure that all workers are safe in the rare event of a fire. There should also be safety plans in place for completed projects. At The…

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Is your Fire Safety Plan in Place?

Fire Safety Preparedness

It’s easy to forget about fire safety plans in the office, especially when there are so many other work tasks to get to. Between juggling client requests and internal duties that need to be completed, the last thing on any employee’s mind is what to do in case of an emergency situation in the office…

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