Yellow insulation. Asbestos is in older insulation, and it's important to understand how to handle it properly.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that had widespread use in the construction industry as building insulation. Asbestos was hailed for its heat resistance, sound absorption, and strength. This made asbestos a common insulation material for buildings throughout the world. Unfortunately, exposure to asbestos particles, particularly during removal of insulation, can result in mesothelioma, lung cancer, and other related illnesses. Though asbestos is no longer incorporated in new construction, it is still dormant in many buildings constructed before 1989. There are safety certification requirements for individuals involved in the removal of asbestos. At The Safety Group, we offer safety certification programs in New York with specialization in asbestos training.

The Importance of Asbestos Training

Typically, asbestos does not pose a danger if it isn’t disturbed. This makes the removal process particularly dangerous, as disturbing asbestos can result in airborne particles which can cause deadly illnesses if inhaled. Asbestos training is one of our many safety certification programs in New York, and it’s important for individuals involved in all steps of asbestos removal. The EPA has very specific regulations on the removal of asbestos, and all workers in asbestos removal must comply with EPA licensing.

Our construction safety company offers asbestos training courses for removal procedures that follow all EPA protocol. Our asbestos safety certification programs in New York include:

  • Asbestos Handler Initial
  • Asbestos Handler Refresher
  • Asbestos Supervisor Initial
  • Asbestos Supervisor Refresher
  • Asbestos Inspector
  • Asbestos Project Designer
  • Asbestos Operations & Maintenance

These courses address all safety requirements of asbestos handling, removal, and remediation. Subjects include personal protective equipment, health hazards, federal regulations, liability, and state regulations. Asbestos is a highly dangerous material when it is disturbed, and proper handling is paramount for the safety of workers, building occupants, and the environment. Prior to handling any asbestos or jobs, employees must receive training from construction safety companies that specialize in asbestos training.

Initial training is required, and refreshers are also important for safe handling of asbestos. Training can seem tedious, but it is incredibly paramount when considering the dangers of improper handling of asbestos and related dangers. At The Safety Group, we provide all levels of asbestos training and safety certification programs in New York.