bedroom with popcorn ceiling

At The Safety Group, our construction safety experts know that asbestos is more common than many people realize. This material was used for building insulation, pipe insulation, and even fabrics. In 1977, world asbestos demand was at its peak, and many buildings constructed before the late 1990s contain asbestos in one way or another [1]. If you’re working on your home or any other building, it’s important to understand how to detect asbestos. You should also have an action plan if you wind up finding asbestos. Here are key areas where you might find asbestos.

Places with Asbestos

Asbestos was used in virtually every avenue of construction, and it is located in many spaces of older homes. Common items in your home that may contain asbestos include:

  • Popcorn ceilings
  • Insulation
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Drywall
  • Caulking
  • Boiler insulation

While these are common places with asbestos, you should not panic. If asbestos is undisturbed, it is not dangerous. The danger comes when performing home renovations or construction projects on older buildings containing the material. When asbestos becomes airborne, the fibers can cause a wealth of health problems. If you suspect that your home has asbestos and you’re wondering what to do, you need to call professionals.

How to Detect Asbestos

If you’re wondering how to detect asbestos, or if you’ve already found asbestos, you need to call professionals. This material becomes very dangerous when handled, so it should be left to the experts. Usually, you can detect asbestos through a visual inspection; the material has a white, powdery, or fibrous appearance [2]. For more detailed asbestos detection, call a professional remediation company.

What to Do if You Find Asbestos

If you wind up finding asbestos in your home or on your construction site, call professionals. At The Safety Group, we provide training and safety management services in New York, including training for asbestos removal. Professionals handling asbestos removal must meet specific asbestos safety training requirements, call our construction safety company to learn more.