fire safety tips

One of the top concerns when managing and planning a construction site is fire safety. Construction sites are notoriously flammable with the presence of electrical wires, hot hazards, unfinished work environments, and materials that can easily catch fire just from a spark.

At The Safety Group Ltd., our main priority is construction safety. We want to prevent another construction site fire so our experts are sharing proper fire safety tips for construction sites.

Hazardous Material on Construction Sites

There are numerous things that can catch fire on a construction site such as:

  • Electrical Wiring: All proper wiring and lighting should be installed correctly on each construction site. However, there are cases where electrical wiring has become faulty and small careless mistakes have caused thousands to millions of dollars in damages as a result of this issue.
  • Arson: Though it’s not what you want to think about when you are working on a construction site, many vandals and disgruntled employees have been the cause of construction site fires. Usually, these types of construction site fires take place late at night when the job site is left unattended or with only a few people left working late.
  • Smoking: Careless smoking is a big reason for construction site fires. While there are rules that forbid smoking on the job site, others don’t always follow that rule. Just know it only takes one cigarette to cause a major fire.
  • Hot Work: Any job that involves welding, soldering, cutting, grinding, or any work that involves fire or spark-producing equipment can easily cause a construction fire with just a spark.
  • Hazardous Materials: Oils, batteries, fuel, and other liquids are all easily combustible materials. Without the proper protective coverings or even leaving these materials unattended or stored inappropriately for one minute can cause a major fire.
  • Heating Units: Unattended heating units or space unit heaters are flammable. Thus, without precaution, if they are too close to other hazardous or flammable materials, they can cause a major construction site fire.

Construction Site Fire Safety Tips

Hazardous materials on construction sites are common and some are even required as part of the job. While you may not be able to prevent them from being on the site, you certainly can prevent fires with the proper fire safety tips for construction sites.

  • No Smoking: A safety manager should be strict with the no-smoking rule. Teach workers the dangers of smoking and as well as the off-site areas where smoking is permitted.
  • Clean & Organized Job Site: Keep hazardous materials stored properly, away from hot work. Maintaining a clean and organized construction site can prevent your whole workspace from burning down.
  • Plan for a Fire: While you may never want to even think about a fire on-site, planning for one is the best way to handle it. Set an emergency and fire plan in place and make sure you have the necessary tools such as fire extinguishers on site. Assign each person a role to inhabit in the event of a fire and make sure they understand their responsibility so the fire can be dealt with efficiently, minimizing the damage.

Fire Safety Certified

FDNY and other states require certain codes to be strictly enforced when working or managing a construction site. A career in this industry requires proper training and certification. At the Safety Group, we offer fire safety training classes and certifications. Be prepared with these fire safety tips for construction sites by contacting us today to get certified.