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Archive for November 2019

Taking Risks to Innovate in Construction Project Management

businessman, window

Nowadays, “innovation” is a trendy word used by professionals and companies to set themselves apart from their competition. Though it’s a popular word to gain business from prospective clients and customers, many struggle to actually innovate as it also involves taking risks. In construction risk management, your career is filled with risks as you take…

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Two Former E.P.A. Officials Argue for The Ban on Asbestos

caution, asbestos

Each year, asbestos claims the lives of about 40,000 Americans while thousands more must endure a lifetime of torment from crippling respiratory diseases such as asbestosis and mesothelioma. [1] However, asbestos is still hardly regulated in the United States. In the past, progress has been made to relieve our society of the fatal substance, but…

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Top 5 Tips for Winter Fire Safety

popcorn, mug, fireplace

With Old Man Winter practically knocking on your door, you’ve changed into seasonal clothing – thicker garments, gloves, and scarves. Besides bundling up, you plan on using heating sources such as a radiator, fireplace, and a space heater. However, when you consider the space heater fire statistics, it might feel like you’re taking a risk.…

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