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Archive for March 2018

How to Build a Construction Plan

How to Build a Construction Plan Construction plans are crucial for the successful completion of any project, big or small. Typically, a project manager oversees the entire construction project, from initial planning to project completion. Building and executing a construction plan involves many departments and investors working together to see the plan to completion. At…

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The Most Dangerous Pieces of Equipment in Construction

The Most Dangerous Pieces of Equipment in Construction Any construction project, no matter the scope, requires considerable equipment for successful project completion. At The Safety Group LTD, we know that many pieces of equipment can be dangerous. While you may think that heavy machinery is the only dangerous piece of equipment, there are actually many…

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How to Prevent Serious Construction Site Issues

For everyday people, a construction site can be a confusing and scary place. For you, it’s work. But, looking at the constriction site through a new set of eyes can help you understand site dangers which you may have stared to ignore. At The Safety Group LTD, we stand apart from construction safety and risk…

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In-Person OSHA Safety Training Benefits

In-Persona OSHA Safety Training Benefits Established in 1971, OSHA works to keep workers safe in a wide variety of settings. At The Safety Group LTD, we offer safety training and safety certification programs in New York, including in-person OSHA safety training. There are several ways to undergo OSHA training, but in-person training offers considerable benefits…

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NYC is now REQUIRING SST cards
on ALL construction sites (local law 196)!

Safety Group Ltd. is an NYC Department of Buildings APPROVED training partner for required SITE SAFETY TRAINING credits!

Train for your CITY MANDATED SST CARD with VR technology-enhanced modules

CALL (212) 933-9071 or EMAIL or REGISTER ONLINE