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Expert Training

The Training Division of The Safety Group Ltd. specializes in providing health and safety certification programs including many OSHA classes, Department of Building-required training, first aid, emergency planning, and fire safety courses.

We Can Save You Money!

According to OSHA, an effective safety and health program can save $4 to $6 for every $1 invested! The Safety group offers expert services and training.

Professional Services

We offer professional services for
Emergency Preparedness, Risk Management and Construction Safety.

Now Servicing the Philadelphia Area

We now service the Philadelphia area.
For more information give us a call at 215-475-5810.
We are located at 38 Jackson Street, Philadelphia, PA 19148.

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About Us

The Safety Group LTD is an industry leader in occupational risk mitigation and compliance in the construction and energy industries servicing New York and Philadelphia. Our core focus is construction site safety management.

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Emergency Preparedness

We are your one-stop supplier for all fire safety and emergency action plan needs to encourage fire safety rules. Become prepared in the event of an emergency in a skyrise office building, a luxury hotel in downtown NY, or a busy, fast-paced construction site in New York or Philadelphia.


Risk Management

We strive to support broader risk management and risk assessment in the construction and energy industries. We work on behalf of the owner, developer, or insurer to perform third-party inspections and recommendations of the job-site.


Construction Safety

We specialize in providing construction site safety services to major construction projects to improve overall protection and care on-site. We conduct safety audits and inspections, and develop site safety plans unique to the site and project details

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We offer expert safety training programs that include many OSHA classes, departmental building-required training, first aid, emergency planning, and fire safety courses in New York and Philadelphia. Upon completion, we provide health and safety certifications.

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The Safety Group LTD is proud to partner with different organizations to encourage safety and health initiatives in the construction and energy industries. Each partnership works to reduce occupational errors and promote protective measures on the jobsite. The Safety Group works actively with government agencies and non-for-profits to help defer training program costs of general workforce employees through its commitment to superior, corporate stewardship.

The Safety Group LTD’s principal executives have over 25 years of construction safety experience, and our certified trainers are veterans in the safety industry. The Safety Group LTD specializes in safety practices and programs for the energy industry in New York and Philadelphia, general industry safety and training, fire safety, emergency preparedness, and risk assessment for commercial buildings and hotels. We work closely with our clients to help recognize potential dangers and non-compliance issues to reduce losses and prevent insurance premium spike. Our expert construction safety consultants work to minimize downtime on construction sites. We specialize in helping employers and workers maintain the safest job sites possible in New York and Philadelphia.

Professional Services

Our expert training programs include construction safety requirements courses for all professionals who are seeking to work on construction sites in New York or Philadelphia.  Proper safety measures are crucial to construction job-sites, which is why our team works with contractors, developers, and facility owners to create the best safety plan that facilitates the proper policies and procedures in the event of an emergency. We also provide expert safety training programs, no matter the industry. Overall, the goal of The Safety Group’s tactics and services are not only to save their clients time and money, but more importantly to keep you and your workers safe. Our attention to safety saves lives!

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