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Risk Management

The Safety Group Ltd.’s Risk Management Services Division

Through partnerships with our clients and applying our comprehensive approach to the construction industry, The Safety Group Ltd. strives to support broader risk management and risk assessment services. The Safety Group Ltd develops and administers:

  • Corporate risk assessment and loss control.
  • Advice on Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIPs), Contractor Control Insurance Programs (CCIPs) and procedures.
  • Implementation of safety and health programs.
  • Assistance in the coordination and tracking of insurance requirements and subcontractor insurance certificates.
  • Third-party liability and property damage claims.
  • Constant communication between the construction manager, general contractor/contractor and their clients regarding:
    • Risk assessment
    • Loss control services
    • Comprehensive accident investigation
    • Expert witness
    • Safety training for project executives, superintendents, and insurance & allied professionals.

The Safety Group Ltd works on behalf of the owner, developer, or insurer to perform third-party inspections of any jobsite. Regular inspections from our veteran professionals can help expose any potential on-site issue before it becomes a serious problem. Workplace incidents and insurance premiums can decline by being proactive in terms of safety. Furthermore, the chances of a jobsite being shut down by the Department of Buildings for a violation are greatly minimized.


For in-depth jobsite safety inspections and risk management training in New York and Philadelphia, contact us today.


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