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What Makes a Good Emergency Safety Plan?

Team formulates a safety plan. The Safety Group can help with the development of safety plans.

The development of an emergency safety plan is a vital aspect of full safety planning. At The Safety Group, we offer safety management services in New York to assist with the planning and implementation of emergency response procedures. Whether you are seeking plans for your construction site or completed project, it is crucial to implement…

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What to Include in Fire Safety Plans in Philadelphia

Fire safety plans. Contact The Safety Group today.

The city of Philadelphia has specific requirements in terms of its fire code and fire safety plans. A fire safety plan should be implemented at every construction site to ensure that all workers are safe in the rare event of a fire. There should also be safety plans in place for completed projects. At The…

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Online or In-Person Safety Certification Programs in New York?

A student learns about online safety training. The Safety Group offers a variety of safety courses and certifications.

As of March 1, 2018, the majority of construction workers within New York City are required to have 10 hours of OSHA safety training. By 2019, the requirement will jump to a minimum of 40 hours of safety training. Many construction professionals and companies are ready to implement these new certification changes now. There are…

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The Importance of Hard Hats and Helmets

As one of the most resilient pieces of personal protective equipment on a construction site, hard hats save many lives in the workplace every single day. The professionals at The Safety Group, construction safety consulting in New York, share information regarding the importance of hard hats and helmets in the workplace below. The Importance of…

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How to Develop a Construction Safety Plan

Safety in the construction industry is extremely crucial and it’s a serious matter on the jobsite. Being a high-risk profession, there are rules and guidelines that must be carefully developed in order to create a construction safety plan. There are plenty of different aspects safety managers must consider when it comes to developing a safety…

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Cornerstones of Quality Emergency Action Plans

While emergency action plans are extremely important, The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, actually requires emergency action planning in every workplace. Each building must have an emergency action plan that’s written and implemented upon any emergency. The Safety Group construction safety consulting professionals share important information regarding emergency action plans, and assistance in…

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How to Build a Construction Plan

How to Build a Construction Plan Construction plans are crucial for the successful completion of any project, big or small. Typically, a project manager oversees the entire construction project, from initial planning to project completion. Building and executing a construction plan involves many departments and investors working together to see the plan to completion. At…

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The Most Dangerous Pieces of Equipment in Construction

The Most Dangerous Pieces of Equipment in Construction Any construction project, no matter the scope, requires considerable equipment for successful project completion. At The Safety Group LTD, we know that many pieces of equipment can be dangerous. While you may think that heavy machinery is the only dangerous piece of equipment, there are actually many…

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