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Which Training Courses to Take for the General Workforce

Training Courses

There are many professionals that are required to enroll in safety certification programs for their job. Different industries involve and require their employees to complete programs that ensure safety in the respective field of work. The Safety Group Ltd. offers a training division that specializes in providing health and safety certification programs to reduce occupational errors and…

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How to Decrease Workplace Accidents with Proper Safety Measures

Workplace Safety Measures

Everyone should have the expectation that they can go to work and complete their responsibilities free from injury or any health hazard. We all deserve to work in a safe and comfortable environment.  Unfortunately, workplace accidents occur all the time and it’s important that businesses take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of all…

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Is your Fire Safety Plan in Place?

Fire Safety Preparedness

It’s easy to forget about fire safety plans in the office, especially when there are so many other work tasks to get to. Between juggling client requests and internal duties that need to be completed, the last thing on any employee’s mind is what to do in case of an emergency situation in the office…

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Steps to Improving Safety in the Construction Industry

Construction Safety Worker

There is no secret that the construction industry can be filled with hazardous situations that pose serious dangers to all workers. There must be proper safety measures and precautions taken on every job site and an in-depth construction site safety plan must be implemented. At The Safety Group, we offer construction safety services in New…

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